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   CTC Controls
Pneumonia and Anaplasmosis


Chlortetracycline (CTC) is one of the least expensive antibiotics that can be incorporated into feed to treat sick animals. It is broad spectrum and has many different clearance levels that can be employed to accomplish different production goals. It can be used as a growth promotant when fed continuously at 70 mg/head/day. Chlortetracycline can be used to control bacterial pneumonia associated with shipping fever when continuously fed at 350 mg/head/day. It can be used to control Anaplasmosis when continuously fed at 0.5 mg/lb. of bodyweight; or it can be used to treat bacterial enteritis caused by
Escherichia coli and bacterial pneumonia caused by Pasteurella multocida when fed for 5 days at 1 g/cwt. of bodyweight.

There are many different product concentrations (2, 4, 10, 20, 25, 50, 90, and 100 g/lb.). This allows for several different delivery mechanisms. For cattle on pasture, it can be incorporated into range minerals or cubes. For calves in a grow yard, we can incorporate it into a starter/grower balancer supplement, or crumbles can be top-dressed on


top of feed in the bunk. It is not legal to feed with Rumensin® but is legal to feed with Bovatec®. Therefore, CTC and Rumensin® cannot be combined together but Bovatec® and Aureomycin® branded CTC can be mixed together in the same feed.

Range Minerals: Normally 2800 g/ton of CTC is the floor-stocked mineral which provides 350 mg/head/day at a 4 oz. consumption. Many people use it for alleviating fescue toxicosis even though this level is only intended to control bacterial pneumonia caused by

Pasteurella spp. This level of CTC feeding does not control Anaplasmosis.

Anaplasmosis is an infectious disease of cattle that causes destruction of red blood cells. It is transmitted by ticks, flies, mosquitoes, and animal processing equipment such as needles. The disease is caused by a minute parasite,

Anaplasma marginale, found in the red blood cells of infected cattle. Symptoms are anemia (pale skin), a drop in milk production, extreme nervousness or aggressive behavior, rapid weight loss, fevers of 104° to 107° F, abortions, and death. To control Anaplasmosis, a mineral which provides 0.5 mg/lb. of bodyweight/day is needed. To achieve this, a mineral fed at 4 oz. to a 1400 lb. cow needs to contain 5600 g/t of CTC.

Other benefits of CTC include a 19 - 21 lb. greater weaning weight in suckling calves (Corah et al. 1991), improved reproduction and conception rate (2% improvement) due to better control of uterine infections and faster return to estrus (birth 21 days earlier is worth $38 per head), and pinkeye can be minimized when feeding CTC. If CTC is fed for the entire year at 700 mg/head/day it would cost less than $10/head/year ($5/head for a 2800 g/ton mineral). The return would be $36 per calf ($1.80/lb. X 20 lbs.) plus the value of the improvement in reproduction ($14/head), totaling $40 return on a $10 investment.

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